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The VELscope Vx two-minute Oral Assessment System enhances clinicians visualisation of cancer related lesions and many other types of more common oral mucosal abnormalities.



The VELscope uses natural tissue fluorescence to improve the way practitioners examine the oral mucosa and screen for tissue abnormalities by enhancing the visualisation of pre-cancers, cancer, and other disease processes.

VELscope's Award-Winning Oral Screening & Imaging Technology has earned it positioning as The World’s #1 Adjunctive Examination Device.

VELscope was named
Best New Diagnostic Imaging Device by the World Health Organisation.

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Visualise Oral Mucosal Abnormalities

Natural Tissue Fluorescence

Practice Revenue Driver


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Oral Cancer 5-Year Relative Survival Rate is 83% if found early and 40% if found late.  VELscope assists with early discovery of oral disease, including pre-cancer and cancer.

Be a hero to your patients and make advanced oral screenings part of your practice’s standard of care.


Quick & Easy Online Training.
VELscope guide and online training combo ensures that all practitioners can are up-to-speed working towards saving lives in less than two hours. 


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Be empowered to perform regular screenings and join an elite class of healthcare practitioners who are paid to bring a revolutionary technology and process into their practice.

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VELscope is intended to be used by the practitioner or health-care provider as an adjunct to traditional oral examination by incandescent light to enhance the visualisation of oral mucosal abnormalities that may not be apparent or visible to the unassisted eye.

VELscope is further intended to be used by an oral surgeon to help identify diseased tissue around a clinically apparent lesion and thus aid in determining the appropriate margin for surgical excision.

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Increase Oral Cancer Screening Confidence & Patient Acceptance.

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Just 3 Screenings a Day Can Increase Practice Revenue by $100,000+ over five years.

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Here’s a roadmap of your Hero Practice Implementation Plan to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery.

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Over 25 million VELscope exams have been performed by more than 12,000 dentists in 23 countries.

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